Buddha Boys Episode 31: Creole Granny

This week, The Boys feature some music from John Jacob’s Summer at Southside. Then Chris talks about how he’s an optimistic Nihilist and how he welcomes death with arms wide open! They then get into Rapid Fire, where they possibly discuss a wrestling question for the second time, whether pooping or peeing feels better and if ejaculating feels even better than those, if they hate Tom Brady, Gummy Bears V. Gummy Worms, and whether or not we should keep the penny, as a country. They get into stories, which are EXCLUSIVELY Buddha Baby’s Choices this week. The stories consist of an Eye’s Wide Shut orgy but with really loud fish, Russian Scientists who force a Weiner Dog to breath in liquid oxygen, and the official U.S. endorsement of UFOs. Thanks for listening! Please be sure to Rate, Review and Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and, as always, Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Episode 24: Bum Fighter II

The Boys welcome beloved Buddha Baby Indiana Bottiger to the show this week. After a quick update for a previous show the boys get into a short rapid fire round, talking about what kind of pro wrestler we would like to be and some of our favorite Pokemon. In an unusual turn of events the Boys spend the whole show on just one Buddha Baby submitted story discussing the confusion surrounding assault, in all its forms. Please let us know what ya think, either on our Facebook or at BuddhaBoysPod.Com. Make sure to get your shirts preordered before Black Friday and please Rate and review on iTunes. As always, be blessed Buddha Babies!