Buddha Boys Episode 33: Toronto, Map Left!

This week, the Boys start out with Rapid afire, answering questions about how often we get questions from British Columbia, whether this era of revealing sexual harassers is a witch hunt, Chris Matthew’s making an unfunny joke, FMK with the worst comedians, ranking our muppet movies, and the best movie sidekick. Then they get into stories about sexual, parasitic crabs and their dwindling sex life, Coast Guard finding a coked-out turtle, and a mother obsessed with her son’s skin. Don’t forget to Rate, Reciew and Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and, as always, Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Episode 13: Yard Sale Jazz

The boys start out by catching up and trying to figure out if having Chinese food two days in a row makes you an asshole. Then they move on to a brand new segment, Updates & Corrections, in which the boys beg forgiveness after getting a fact wrong or simply update the babies on a story we covered in past episodes. Then the boys move into rapid fire topics. Topics such as why Phish is a bad band, getting matching tattoos, potato chips vs potato sticks, a picture of a strange creature sent into the show, what animal would we want to be and what animal we feel we actually are, when is the scariest time of day, what’s the worst Pixar movie, what’s a super power we’d never want. We finish up this sweet sode with stories covering skin walkers, Elisa Lam and child support, nothing the Boys can’t handle! Thanks for listening and make sure to go to BuddhaBoysPod.com for all your Buddha Boys needs!