Buddha Boys Episode 36: Sexy Booby Women

This week, the Boys come together to answer two Rapid Fire questions and Chris shares his controversial opinions on George Carlin. They then discuss a girl who was suspended from her high school for hurting the principal’s feelings and a museum that decided to take part in the #metoo movement. Remember to Rate, review and Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and, as always, Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Episode 11: The Frosty Paradox

This week the boys are flying solo!

They start the podcast off by speaking a bit about the state of comedy today and more importantly the people that try to sensor speech. Also what touches them emotionally.

Then they jump into Rapid Fire topics like who was worse, Jeff Dunham or hitler, who we respect the most but want to meet the least, our favorite fighting game franchise and what mundane super power we would prefer. We talk about how long we’d like to live and  how we should purchase our frostys. The Boys love you and want to hear from you, make sure to email them at FWFBuddhaBoys@gmail.com and make sure to visit BuddhaBoysPodcast.com for all your Buddha Boys needs! Thanks for listening and please make sure to rate, review and tell ya friends! Oh, and don’t forget to be blessed.

Episode 7: The Hazelnut Takeover

This week the Boys are joined by Chris’ Co-host from his YouTube show “You’ve Seriously Never Played This” Lennon Free. We start out this week by covering some rapid fire topics like what is the best movie sequel, what our least favorite sports are and how we can make them better. We also describe the worst pizza we’ve ever had and our favorites, and least favorite, movies/books. After a soothing break, we get right into topics. Starting off with a Buddha Babies’ Choice about a man who was wrongfully imprisoned after being mistaken for his apparent doppelgänger. This is followed by another Buddha Babies’ Choice all about the government in Canada stealing an artist’s design without getting any permission or giving credit and finally, we are met with a Buddha Boys Choice finale in which we talk about a recent case over a girl being convicted of manslaughter after knowingly encouraging/demanding her boyfriend commit suicide. This can only be followed up by our guest’s choice involving a similar subject where a young lady kills her boyfriend in a YouTube stunt gone wrong. Thanks to everyone for listening, rating and reviewing.
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