Buddha Baby Movie Day: The Last Jedi

This week, the Boys come together to discuss Star Wars: The Last Jedi. They keep the show spoiler free until about 33 minutes, so those of you who have not seen the movie and are concerned with spoilers will be able to enjoy that much. They also discuss Logan Paul again for about the last 15 minutes. Thanks for listening, don’t forget to Rate, Review, and Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and, as always, Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Episode 28: Patty Gilmore

This week, the Boys are back in the Cattic for a full blown episode with Updates and Corrections, Rapid Fire and even an EXTRA STORY! They start out with an update on Oxygen and the 2 in H2O. They move on to discuss some issues that arose out of a previous Rapid Fire question, where the Boys discussed accidentally stealing material and accidentally having material stolen. Once the air is clear and Chris finishes being Pat’s calm translator, they go into Rapid Fire discussing the best state of breakfast sausage, favorite Christmas songs and movies, the Christmassiest cookie, and whether or not we’d let our kids believe in Santa. Chris then explains his Anarcho-Socialist beliefs and Pat reiterates his political beliefs before getting into stories about more Ghost Ships, a significant medical breakthrough for replacing cells, a mayor in Germany who wants to ban Arabic Numerals, and how there is more crime in London than NYC.

As always, Rate, Review and Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Episode 24: Bum Fighter II

The Boys welcome beloved Buddha Baby Indiana Bottiger to the show this week. After a quick update for a previous show the boys get into a short rapid fire round, talking about what kind of pro wrestler we would like to be and some of our favorite Pokemon. In an unusual turn of events the Boys spend the whole show on just one Buddha Baby submitted story discussing the confusion surrounding assault, in all its forms. Please let us know what ya think, either on our Facebook or at BuddhaBoysPod.Com. Make sure to get your shirts preordered before Black Friday and please Rate and review on iTunes. As always, be blessed Buddha Babies!