Buddha Boys Episode 27: Tru Tru Trudio

The Boys get together this week, each at their home studio to bring you some updates and corrections and some remaining rapid fire questions we hadn’t gotten to yet. This is followed by a past episode the boys recorded before they were THE Boys! Remember to rate and review on iTunes, go to BuddhaBoysPod.com and be blessed Buddha babies!

Buddha Boys Episode 25: Children of Trash

The Boys are coming to you LIVE from the Midtown Scholar in Harrisburg, PA! They are joined by the hilarious Thezz Grimes to cover all the important issues like our favorite personal article of clothing, unfunny comics and the shows they are on, some of the weirdest useless knowledge we have and much more. Then we treat the audience to three interesting stories about who can be guilty of cultural appropriation, a chunk of land along the America/Mexico border purchased by a popular card game and finally, one of the most important music festivals to Pat, coming to an end. Don’t forget, shirt preorders have been extended, visit BuddhaBoysPod.Com and drop by iTunes to drop us a rating and review! As always, be blessed Buddha babies!

Buddha Boys Episode 20: Beautiful Wasp Does Nothing Wrong

This week, the Boys discuss s slight change to the shirt situation. Thank you very much for bearing with us and understanding. They discuss the sleeping patterns of androids, if kangaroos are dogs or cats, bio implants being out in criminals, their most gluttonous meals, a Baby’s recent marriage and some relationship advice, a listener’s sister’s birthday, social stigmas, what they’d be buried with, practical jokes, and our favorite onomatopoeia. They then get into stories about a mysterious creature washing up on shore, a wasp, and one of the most common injuries in eSports.

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And, as always, Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: Fat Comedy Ladder

The Boys are back at it this week! They’ve run out of their vacation backlog and are bag to their schedule! In this episode, we reveal, for the first time, the officials Buddha Boys Shirt! Visit our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to learn how to get your hands on one and see the design! The boys hear about the death of Ralphie May during the show. Then, we talk about Las Vegas for a while. We never once mention the name of the shooter, but discuss what happened, the circumstances we’re currently in and what may possibly come out of this. There are some mic issues, but we thought this episode was not something we could recreate. Thank you for powering through it!

Always remember; Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys 16 : Effin Perry County Wine Mixer

The Boys start off by analyzing hambone’s comedy as well as their comedy at this point in their lives. As usual, they then dive right into Rapid Fire, answering; how do you take care of an itchy butthole in public, what good do you eat to fill a void, our favorite YouTube channel that has less than 100,000 followers our comedic Yin and Yang and as usual the boys debate… don’t worry though, this time it’s about Lord of the Rings! The stories they roll up consist Mayweather V McGregor and why we side with people, a girl with Synethesia and real life zombies!

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Be blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys episode 15 “Better Know a Bigot”

These Buddha Boys waste no time this week! With no updates OR corrections to start, the boys get right into Rapid Fire topics like, which game show we would like to be on the most, which game we would like to speed run, our best stand up story. We learn about Chris’s experience with the Insane Clown Posse and try to decide what comes first, nuclear war or a race war. We discuss the likelihood of us eating dog and what was the most delicious thing we have eaten (spoiler alert, it’s not dog). The Boys have a heated debate about sex and gender and what exactly ARE the issues with either, before taking a much need break. Then the Boys dive right into stories! Like whatcha hear? Don’t like whatcha hear? Well come on down to BuddhaBoysPod.com to let us know! Make sure to rate and review, to tell a friend and always, be blessed Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: Sexsomnia

This bonus episode gets a little sexy babies, so get ready. The Boys are joined by the very funny, Philly’s Phunniest finalist, Raj Belani! We find out Raj has a long history of sleep paralysis and sleep lovin’ ! Make sure to sleep on your belly, babies, AND be blessed.

Buddha Boys Episode 9: Pat’s Professional Magnets

The Boys are joined this week by the wonderful Zach Hammond. Zach helps us out with Rapid Fire topics, covering some of our favorite things, native american art, agriculture and arrogance. Then we get into our stories for the week. We start out with a Buddha Baby Choice straight out of the U.K., all about working alone with the opposite sex. Then we move on to a story about AI chatbots creating their own language and discover how silly robots sound in a chilling reading by Pat and Zach. We round out the stories with an article about haunted and cursed video games and the boys jam out to some sweet tunes from a Pokemon game that doesn’t seem very haunted at all. 

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