Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: Buddha Boys Origin Part 1

The Boys had to start somewhere right?! Well now you guys get to hear the very first time Chris and Pat sat down to talk. We will be back with brand new episodes next week, until then, enjoy this great conversation and don’t forget to be blessed Buddha Babies.

Buddha Boys Episode 14: Jamaican King of Queens

This week, the Boys start out FAST and bring up some hot tracks Pat has been making, which you hear at the beginning of the bonus episodes. If you’re interested in any of the tracks or ringtones, let us know! The Boys then get into Rapid Fire where they discuss fake words that describe them, whether zebras or donkeys are better, where they think each other would want to live, how quantum states work, more about child support, cultural appropriation, white people becoming a minority, Pat’s political philosophy and SO. MUCH. MORE. In an extended rapid fire. Then they get into articles about more creepy clowns, a missing tortoise, and a nude man who broke into someone’s house and did their dishes, ALL of which were brought to you by the one, and only, Jerry Hazlenuts! Then they do a special 4th article by The One, The Only, Brett Tingley!

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