Buddha Boys Episode 30: The Little Buddha Boys that Could

This week, the Boys are joined by fellow comedian and close friend Kirk Griffiths. In the Rapid Fire round, they discuss stances they’ve flip-flopped on, who would replace us when we’re dead and gone, and which, of two, unusual super powers they’d prefer. Then, instead of getting into stories, the Boys and Kirk y’all about Net Neutrality. Long enough that they don’t get to the stories. Net Neutrality was overturned the day before recording this episode and still feel strongly about it.


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Buddha Boys Episode 26: Tongue Stung Gumbo

This week, your Boys are backed at it, starting with some Spacehump updates and diving straight into Rapid Fire. Topics include: favorite candle scents, joke theft, worst shows, cannibalism, weird places we’ve pooped and so much more. When they get into the stories, they start off with a Buddha Boy’s Choice where Chris discuss Oxygen as the most dangerous substance On Earth. They then roll up a story about personality traits of evil in different levels and finish with a Buddha Boys choice about Net Neutrality. Don’t forgot to rate, review and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and, as always; Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!