Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: Unbreakable Geddy Lee

This week, the Boys are back in the Cattic and they are ready to bring the heat! Just before recording, they were talking about music and decided to record it. Chris brings up artists that were famous in certain timeframes that kind of put them in between genres and then get into a lengthy discussion about all of the punk sub genres and they barely scratched the surface. They talk about some of their favorite music, their favorite genres, and bands they got into just a little too late.

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p.s.  Keep your ear to the ground. We have a special surprise this week!

Buddha Boys Episode 19: Destroy. All. Bacteria.

The Boys return to you, ON TIME this week, getting right into Rapid Fire! We cover coffee, being arrested, our least favorite songs and movies, if our hearts will go on and we cover, our favorite burrito filling! After a nice break, we get into stories! Stories this week cover a possible haunting at a school in Ireland captured on CCTV (Closed Caption TV), a drunk man that is definitely from the future, that has come back to warn us of an upcoming alien invasion. We finish out the episode with an incredibly boring story about a bunch of nerds trying to figure out when consciousness arises in babies. Thank you for your patience with last week’s and this week’s technical issues, it (probably) won’t happen again! Thank you, as always, for listening, rating and reviewing! Make sure to swing by BuddhaBoysPod.com for all your Buddha Boys needs and, as always, Be Blessed Buddha Babies!