Buddha Boys Episode 29: Get to Nag Champa!

This week, the Boys start out by commenting on the incense Pat chose to burn and get straight into Rapid Fire. They discuss Quantum Immortality, State secession, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, our Top 5 hip hop albums of 2017, the inevitable downfall of the Philadelphia Eagles, the Tamp Bay Lightning’s relationship with Steve Stamkos, movies we love from a genre we hate, human cloning and our ideal deaths. For the stories, they discuss a Flat Earther and his homemade rocket, cops v cops in Detroit, the denial of a human/cat hybrid, and some tool who got banned from playing his car stereo in his neighborhood.


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Buddha Boys Episode 19: Destroy. All. Bacteria.

The Boys return to you, ON TIME this week, getting right into Rapid Fire! We cover coffee, being arrested, our least favorite songs and movies, if our hearts will go on and we cover, our favorite burrito filling! After a nice break, we get into stories! Stories this week cover a possible haunting at a school in Ireland captured on CCTV (Closed Caption TV), a drunk man that is definitely from the future, that has come back to warn us of an upcoming alien invasion. We finish out the episode with an incredibly boring story about a bunch of nerds trying to figure out when consciousness arises in babies. Thank you for your patience with last week’s and this week’s technical issues, it (probably) won’t happen again! Thank you, as always, for listening, rating and reviewing! Make sure to swing by BuddhaBoysPod.com for all your Buddha Boys needs and, as always, Be Blessed Buddha Babies!

Episode 7: The Hazelnut Takeover

This week the Boys are joined by Chris’ Co-host from his YouTube show “You’ve Seriously Never Played This” Lennon Free. We start out this week by covering some rapid fire topics like what is the best movie sequel, what our least favorite sports are and how we can make them better. We also describe the worst pizza we’ve ever had and our favorites, and least favorite, movies/books. After a soothing break, we get right into topics. Starting off with a Buddha Babies’ Choice about a man who was wrongfully imprisoned after being mistaken for his apparent doppelgänger. This is followed by another Buddha Babies’ Choice all about the government in Canada stealing an artist’s design without getting any permission or giving credit and finally, we are met with a Buddha Boys Choice finale in which we talk about a recent case over a girl being convicted of manslaughter after knowingly encouraging/demanding her boyfriend commit suicide. This can only be followed up by our guest’s choice involving a similar subject where a young lady kills her boyfriend in a YouTube stunt gone wrong. Thanks to everyone for listening, rating and reviewing.
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Buddha Baby Choice


Buddha Baby Choice


Guest Choice

Episode 6: DNA Checks In

This week the boys welcome their second ever guest, Chris’ very own girlfriend Karrah! Together they combine their powers to cover some rapid fire topics including love, trust,cheating, uploading a movie to DNA and why the hell we should care about it. After a nice break we run into some technical difficulties but then get right into topics! Starting off by covering a story about a (possibly) possessed doll in Peru then getting deep into the elevator game and its origin/rules. We also cover the topic of where Nasa shirts should be displayed at Target. We top all this off with covering the possibility that Beyonce did not give birth to her first born, in our guest choice topic. Thanks to all the Buddha Babies for your submissions and most of all for listening, rating and reviewing!
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https://www.google.com/amp/s/theghostinmymachine.wordpress.com/2014/06/25/the-most-dangerous-games-elevator-to-another-world/amp/ Buddha Baby Choice


http://blackbag.gawker.com/did-beyonce-fake-her-pregnancy-1693597363 Guest Choice