Buddha Boys Episode 32: Internet Tom Brady

In the quickest turnaround for an episode ever, the Boys are here for an ALL RAPID FIRE EPISODE! (With a bit of Updates and Corrections). The boys talk a bit more about Logan Paul before getting into The Last Jedi, the XFL, ICP, the male nipple, Dave Chappelle, taking shots of bong water, reoccurring dreams, Charmin Toilet Paper,  FMK Pauly Shore, Carrot Top, it Andy Dick, and heroes we’d want as friends.

Buddha Boys episode 15 “Better Know a Bigot”

These Buddha Boys waste no time this week! With no updates OR corrections to start, the boys get right into Rapid Fire topics like, which game show we would like to be on the most, which game we would like to speed run, our best stand up story. We learn about Chris’s experience with the Insane Clown Posse and try to decide what comes first, nuclear war or a race war. We discuss the likelihood of us eating dog and what was the most delicious thing we have eaten (spoiler alert, it’s not dog). The Boys have a heated debate about sex and gender and what exactly ARE the issues with either, before taking a much need break. Then the Boys dive right into stories! Like whatcha hear? Don’t like whatcha hear? Well come on down to BuddhaBoysPod.com to let us know! Make sure to rate and review, to tell a friend and always, be blessed Buddha Babies!