Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: Beware the Burp Doplar Effect

This weeks bonus sode is all over the place! We start out with some classical music from Pat’s childhood. The first half of the show is a lot about conspiracys, misinformation and how to tell the difference. After a break and VERY solid laughing fit, the boys get into some possible future locations to record the show. Let us know if you have any suggestions for us. Also make sure to get your shirt preorders in, make sure to visit BuddhaBoysPod.Com and please make sure to rate and review on iTunes! Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Episode 22: You Might Be a Unabomber if…

Hey there, beautiful Babies! This week the Boys come together and discuss an update coming from Buzzfeed about the haunted school in Ireland, where Buzzfeed debunks the activity the EXACT same way the boys did. They then talk about why they’d love to dress up as for Halloween, “Straight Guts”, the best hug they’ve ever received and whether or not 2017 belongs to Cardi B. Then, when they get into stories, Pat roles a Buddha Boys Choice and discusses his decision to downgrade in technology, and they roll stories about how to hack sex toys and a cheese-throwing Floridian.

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Buddha Boys Episode 19: Destroy. All. Bacteria.

The Boys return to you, ON TIME this week, getting right into Rapid Fire! We cover coffee, being arrested, our least favorite songs and movies, if our hearts will go on and we cover, our favorite burrito filling! After a nice break, we get into stories! Stories this week cover a possible haunting at a school in Ireland captured on CCTV (Closed Caption TV), a drunk man that is definitely from the future, that has come back to warn us of an upcoming alien invasion. We finish out the episode with an incredibly boring story about a bunch of nerds trying to figure out when consciousness arises in babies. Thank you for your patience with last week’s and this week’s technical issues, it (probably) won’t happen again! Thank you, as always, for listening, rating and reviewing! Make sure to swing by BuddhaBoysPod.com for all your Buddha Boys needs and, as always, Be Blessed Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Episode 17: Negative Clown Climate

The Boys are back with America’s new favorite satanist! If you like rapid fire topics like who is more punchable, clowns or mimes, our favorite dinosaurs, movies only we remember, the way we eat our toast, our first concert or even terrible mall commercials, you’re gonna love this episode! After a nice break we get right into stories like, Hobbiest comics reading havoc in Charlottesville, a possible haunted house in Dublin and a special Buddha Boy Choi all about suicide, the show. We found her out with a very interesting guest choice story about volcanos that will surely be the end of us all, maybe not us, but humans. Remember that your Buddha Boys love you and want you to go to BuddhaBoysPod.com for all your BB needs! Please rate and review on iTunes or wherever you listen, and as always, be blessed Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: Sexsomnia

This bonus episode gets a little sexy babies, so get ready. The Boys are joined by the very funny, Philly’s Phunniest finalist, Raj Belani! We find out Raj has a long history of sleep paralysis and sleep lovin’ ! Make sure to sleep on your belly, babies, AND be blessed.

Buddha Boys Bonus Episode: Molestation Station

This week, the boys are joined by Zach Hammond for a bonus episode. The boys talk about shaming, drugs, sociopathy, Dexter, and all things paranormal with the inexperienced, but open, guest.

Buddha Baby Bonus Sode: Chris had a Dream

This week the boys take a break from the original format for a very special bonus sode. We start out with a successful EVP session Chris conducted in one of the house he believed to be haunted, growing up.  Chris and Pat then get right into analyzing a very vivid, lucid dream Chris had just days before this recording. We uncover a lot and leave it open for further investigation at a later date. Let us know what you think! 

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Buddha Boys Episode 8: Magic Hate Ball

The Boys are flying solo this week and it feels so good to be back! We start out by talking how much we appreciate all our Buddha Babies out there and how to manage our assured fame to come. Pat comes out swinging with a crazy theory about the afterlife for his Buddha Boys’ Choice. we move on to our next topic which is all about an American student from Cincinnati that was convicted to 15 years of hard labor after being caught stealing propaganda in North Korea. For our final topic, the boys reunite with an old pal for a very mysterious story of big cats terrifying English towns not far from a place where naked men like to run wild! We top it off with an impromptu conversation about the bizarre death of Elisa lam. Thank you all for listening, rating and reviewing! We love our babies and want to hear from you! E-Mail your stories or just drop us a line at FWFBuddhaboys@Gmail.com or just swing by BuddhaBoysPod.com for all your Buddha Boys needs!
Links to Stories covered in this episode: