Buddha Boys Episode 35: State of the Boys Address

The State of the Boys is VERY strong! We are here to discuss all the things that matter most to the Babies and our country. The Boys start out by talking about their kitties and recapping the wonderful shows from the past weekend. After welcoming some potential new listeners, the Boys get into Rapid fire topics about the XFL, NHL players and coaches that would do the tide pod challenge, who we would rather have dinner with, Mr. T or Rip Taylor. We also discuss what kind of documentary we would make and finally, our thoughts on Valentine’s Day. After that, its time for a double Buddha Boys Choice, covering Pat’s thoughts on free speech and Chris’s thoughts on the SOTU. Thank you, as always, for listening and please remember to go visit BuddhaBoysPod.Com and please Rate and Review, wherever you may be listening. Of course, you should always Be Blessed Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Episode 20: Beautiful Wasp Does Nothing Wrong

This week, the Boys discuss s slight change to the shirt situation. Thank you very much for bearing with us and understanding. They discuss the sleeping patterns of androids, if kangaroos are dogs or cats, bio implants being out in criminals, their most gluttonous meals, a Baby’s recent marriage and some relationship advice, a listener’s sister’s birthday, social stigmas, what they’d be buried with, practical jokes, and our favorite onomatopoeia. They then get into stories about a mysterious creature washing up on shore, a wasp, and one of the most common injuries in eSports.

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And, as always, Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!