Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: Buddha Boys Origin Part 1

The Boys had to start somewhere right?! Well now you guys get to hear the very first time Chris and Pat sat down to talk. We will be back with brand new episodes next week, until then, enjoy this great conversation and don’t forget to be blessed Buddha Babies.

Buddha Boys Episode 26: Tongue Stung Gumbo

This week, your Boys are backed at it, starting with some Spacehump updates and diving straight into Rapid Fire. Topics include: favorite candle scents, joke theft, worst shows, cannibalism, weird places we’ve pooped and so much more. When they get into the stories, they start off with a Buddha Boy’s Choice where Chris discuss Oxygen as the most dangerous substance On Earth. They then roll up a story about personality traits of evil in different levels and finish with a Buddha Boys choice about Net Neutrality. Don’t forgot to rate, review and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and, as always; Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: Pariah Carey

This Episode, the Boys start out by talking about why it seems like there are so many members too the alt-right. It quickly moves into a discussion about a mysterious listener who thinks Pat is a bigot and then the Boys discuss Carly Fleischman and other people with disabilities who are becoming part of pop culture. Remember to rate, review and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and, as always, Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Episode 25: Children of Trash

The Boys are coming to you LIVE from the Midtown Scholar in Harrisburg, PA! They are joined by the hilarious Thezz Grimes to cover all the important issues like our favorite personal article of clothing, unfunny comics and the shows they are on, some of the weirdest useless knowledge we have and much more. Then we treat the audience to three interesting stories about who can be guilty of cultural appropriation, a chunk of land along the America/Mexico border purchased by a popular card game and finally, one of the most important music festivals to Pat, coming to an end. Don’t forget, shirt preorders have been extended, visit BuddhaBoysPod.Com and drop by iTunes to drop us a rating and review! As always, be blessed Buddha babies!

Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: Beware the Burp Doplar Effect

This weeks bonus sode is all over the place! We start out with some classical music from Pat’s childhood. The first half of the show is a lot about conspiracys, misinformation and how to tell the difference. After a break and VERY solid laughing fit, the boys get into some possible future locations to record the show. Let us know if you have any suggestions for us. Also make sure to get your shirt preorders in, make sure to visit BuddhaBoysPod.Com and please make sure to rate and review on iTunes! Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Episode 24: Bum Fighter II

The Boys welcome beloved Buddha Baby Indiana Bottiger to the show this week. After a quick update for a previous show the boys get into a short rapid fire round, talking about what kind of pro wrestler we would like to be and some of our favorite Pokemon. In an unusual turn of events the Boys spend the whole show on just one Buddha Baby submitted story discussing the confusion surrounding assault, in all its forms. Please let us know what ya think, either on our Facebook or at BuddhaBoysPod.Com. Make sure to get your shirts preordered before Black Friday and please Rate and review on iTunes. As always, be blessed Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: The Boys Talk Guns and Life

This week’s Bonus Sode comes to you a little late, but better late than never they say! They discuss outrage culture, on both sides, and focus quite a bit on the shooting in Texas, which happened one day before this episode was recorded, and how America doesn’t unite over tragedy anymore. They get into gun owners and the mentality of gun owners they know, and how philosophy/ethics questions require there be no nuance. This leads into a quasi-spiritual discussion of whether or not someone who can’t have children is nature preventing their procreation and life being forced onto people.

Remember to rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and, as always; Be Blessed, Buddha Babie

Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: Bigot Beyond

This episode, we start by losing 5 minutes of show and Chris feels deflated. Pat might be a sociopath and has more in common with the unabomber than he’d like and Chris may sympathize. Chris discusses how tragic Jeffrey Dahmer’s story is and won’t shut up about his psychologist. Pat wants to be friends with medical professionals and wants to join the FBI. Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and, remember; Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Episode 21: Milky Titted Broads

This week, the Boys start off with Chris sharing why he was roughly an hour late to recording. It turns out, he was pulled over by the police for having some too heavy junk in his trunk. They then get into the one-and-only Rapid Fire question about clashing with other comics. They then transition into the stories consisting of the Pennsylvania cryptid called the Albatwitch, a spoopy ghost ship that washes up on shire crewed by just two mannequins and a Canadian McDonald’s fight being witnessed by a raccoon pup. Don’t forget to pre-order your Buddha Boys shirt before November 1st to get those sweet, sweet savings. Also, rate, review and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, and, most important of all, Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Episode 20: Beautiful Wasp Does Nothing Wrong

This week, the Boys discuss s slight change to the shirt situation. Thank you very much for bearing with us and understanding. They discuss the sleeping patterns of androids, if kangaroos are dogs or cats, bio implants being out in criminals, their most gluttonous meals, a Baby’s recent marriage and some relationship advice, a listener’s sister’s birthday, social stigmas, what they’d be buried with, practical jokes, and our favorite onomatopoeia. They then get into stories about a mysterious creature washing up on shore, a wasp, and one of the most common injuries in eSports.

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And, as always, Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!