Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: Fat Comedy Ladder

The Boys are back at it this week! They’ve run out of their vacation backlog and are bag to their schedule! In this episode, we reveal, for the first time, the officials Buddha Boys Shirt! Visit our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to learn how to get your hands on one and see the design! The boys hear about the death of Ralphie May during the show. Then, we talk about Las Vegas for a while. We never once mention the name of the shooter, but discuss what happened, the circumstances we’re currently in and what may possibly come out of this. There are some mic issues, but we thought this episode was not something we could recreate. Thank you for powering through it!

Always remember; Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Bonus Episode: Molestation Station

This week, the boys are joined by Zach Hammond for a bonus episode. The boys talk about shaming, drugs, sociopathy, Dexter, and all things paranormal with the inexperienced, but open, guest.

Buddha Baby Bonus Sode: BHarmony with Hambone

This week, the boys are joined by the one and only Andrew “Hambone” Hambleton. The boys runs through questions from Tumblr and then move on to first date questions.

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Oh, and don’t forget to be blessed, Buddha Babies!