Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: LIVE! At the Midtown Scholar

Thanks for tuning in to the very FIRST Buddha Feuddha! Live from the Midtown Scholar and guest staring John Miles! The Boys discuss what makes Chris fat, as well as some stock Rapid Fire questions. Thanks for listening! Please make sure to Rate, Review and Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and, as always, Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: The Boys Talk Guns and Life

This week’s Bonus Sode comes to you a little late, but better late than never they say! They discuss outrage culture, on both sides, and focus quite a bit on the shooting in Texas, which happened one day before this episode was recorded, and how America doesn’t unite over tragedy anymore. They get into gun owners and the mentality of gun owners they know, and how philosophy/ethics questions require there be no nuance. This leads into a quasi-spiritual discussion of whether or not someone who can’t have children is nature preventing their procreation and life being forced onto people.

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Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: Bigot Beyond

This episode, we start by losing 5 minutes of show and Chris feels deflated. Pat might be a sociopath and has more in common with the unabomber than he’d like and Chris may sympathize. Chris discusses how tragic Jeffrey Dahmer’s story is and won’t shut up about his psychologist. Pat wants to be friends with medical professionals and wants to join the FBI. Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and, remember; Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!

Buddha Boys Bonus Sode: Buddha Boys are Gross

This week, the Boys talk about complex flavor profiles, why poor people in America are (usually) overweight, and how kids these days should GET OFF OUR DAMN LAWN! They talk about this episode being a cross post between Buddha Boys and Gross Domesticated Podcast, but decided to release it just as a Bonus Sode to preview what’s GDP is like. Thanks for listening and remember to rate, review and subscribe where you listen to podcasts. Be Blessed, Buddha Babies!